Monday, 4 July 2011

Be A Smart Investor

Be A Smart Investor

Some Private Banks are appointing Indian Beautifull
MBA passouts from small B School as Managers [ for name sake ]
and ask them to sell Insurance or mutual funds with big targets. In fact
this is a new way of Mutual Funds Agent. They like to called as 
financial planners.  

Now these Indian Beautifull MBA passouts from small B Schools
are always in search of so called HNI clients.

If you find any such Indian Beautifull MBA passouts from small B School
Make sure you really needs that Investment ??

More details coming soon .........

Bank Consumer Scams

Bank Consumer Scams

Many Agents [ So called financial planners ] sing about the virtues of mutual 
They will tell you mutual funds are great long-term investments with
 high returns and very low risk. In reality, the only thing mutual funds are 
good for is lining the pockets of people who sell and run them. Before you
 invest in a mutual fund, consider the following. 

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Usury is a sin. Burn in Hell, thralls of Mammon!j/k

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agreed... and all the comments on his page also noted the gross amount of innaccuracies. if you want to get into nitty gritty details, you cannot make sweeping generalizations and pick the best points for your argument. while there are s**tty investment managers, there are tons of very good ones too.

Wow, I hope that all 100+ articles aren't this inaccurate or digg is doomed. Frankly, Mr. Chow is an idiot. His statements are misleading and although not always inaccurate, they are questionable at best. He states, "What about 'no load' funds? There is no such thing. All funds have a load on it. The financial planner will get his commission for selling you the fund. If you do not pay the commission, then the fund pays it.

They are paid an hourly rate or a flat-fee for the services they provide. It's up to the investor to seek out who they work with, they can pay an advisor through the backdoor with loads or an upfront fee, but there is no free lunch. Yes, there are financial planners and mutual fund managers that overcharge, but caveat emptor. All investors should do the appropriate research (examine expenses, historic return, volatility, asset drift, etc.) before investing.

Actually if they charge the maximum 8.5% fee, you actually have to gain more than 8.5% to break even.Example from my text:1000 invested85 goes to the managers915 is actually invested85/915=9.3%You need 9.3% to break even.

But what are inexperienced, uneducated, modest-capital, time-strapped investors supposed to do (besides index funds)?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)  must issue a show-cause notice to such bankers

Reserve Bank of India (RBI)  largely maintained silence over the frauds,

Earlier this year, RBI had fined 19 banks for mis-selling derivative products. 
Some years ago, in the aftermath of the IPO scam, RBI had fined seven 
banks for not following "know your customer" guidelines while opening 

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